Father Founded


Just like any other organisations or agency's, we use a lot of energy and money in our effort to help the Amerasians in Vietnam.

We don't charge money from our poor Amerasian brother and sister,neather do we charge money from the fathers in USA,since they themself,don't have a to much to do with.

In the end anything we had to do can be stopped if we don't have the economic means,its very simple.
So in attempt to at least to do something so we don't close down,then we make this page " Donations".

Anyone, Vietnam veterans, amerasians, Vietnamese or simple just an American that love its country and its people can help us to survive,it doesn't matter how much ! .

What matter is that we recive help, so we can help amerasians in Vietnam.

So what does the money goes to:
1. Maintain and pay for the homepage. We pay for our domain name
    and using the internet.

2. Acces to military archive homepage. We have an speciel acces 
    to an military archive homepage, were we had names of all that 
    had been to Vietnam during the conflict,but it cost.

3.Pay for searches. When we need to find an adress or phonenum-
   ber,we need to use pay for searches homepages.

4.Vietnam. Since the most amerasians that really need the help,lives
   in Vietnam, that were the actions are. We needs to be there to inter
   view amerasians,and advise them what to do with their cases.
   But its costly by airplane,hotels,food,translators,and other means
   and it the biggest issue in survive.

So how can you contribute ? What the mean,for it to arrive to Father Founded. The best right now is to use the following:

1. Western Union Money Transfer. An worldwide agency to transfer 
    money from country to country, you can look up the agency at your
    local area at:

2. MoneyGram. An worldwide agency to transfer money from country
    to country, you can look up the agency at your local are at:

3. Paypal. Paypal are the most used paid online system in USA,and now also used by Father Founded.Can be used by push on "Donate" button.

3. GoFundMe.An simular homepage like paypal,to donate online.Push on the GoFundMe to get more info.

In all the 2 cases it should been directed to the adress of Father Founded ,its based in Denmark where the founder lives. The adress is:

Brian Hjort
Parmagade 19, 2tv
2300 Copenhagen S
Dk Denmark

Should there be any misunderstanding,then you can use the mail under here to ask. We will respond as soon as possible

It's nice to be importent,but also importent to be nice !!!