Father Founded

A part of those servicemen,spending their time in vietnam. Used their R&R ( 1 week of from the war zone ) or their freetime ( if they were officemen in Saigon or other bigger cities ) in the bar and night clubareas.
In those places,they could drink, smoke dope, party out, meet ladies and just forget the war,and the chance that they would be killed soon.
Many of the Amerasians,were made out those areas,with the mother working in the bars/nightclubs, and the fathers a client.
Time had passed by,the places had long been closed by the new goverment after april 30,1975. And the ladies,party and fun too. The areas had turned in the shops, family livings, and few if none remember those people living there doing the wartime.
For the servicemen the time passed by too,the bars are just good memory, but also lost memory. And in cases,when they want to locate their children,its almost impossible to locate them. Many times their former girlfriend,had just nicknames.
So seing photos of the bars and nightclubs,makes them able to remember the past and the girls they used to love,and in that way locate their children.
Should anyone have photos of bars,nightclubs or any other places,then please contact me.

Rose Bar
Tu Do Street,Saigon