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Clark Airbase, Angels city

Philipino amerasians (English)

The amerasians in Philipines are an forgotten group of people,being shadowed by their more known cousins in Vietnam and in partly in Thailand,Japan and Korea.

But the fact are, that there are about 50 000 Amerasians in Philipines. The first Amerasians in Philipines, were proberly made after the liberations in 1898 from the Spanish,by the US military.

Then the groups kept growing,special under the cold war and the Vietnam conflict,were Philipines hosted an large part of those servicemen on the way to Vietnam or on the way back home. Mostly Amerasians are living in and around those places,that catering the US military. Places like Olongapo "Subic bay" and Angels city " Clark Airbase", became the small Amerasian capitals.

Olongapo or just Subic bay,were used by the US military for its ships,and Angels City for its huge Airbase at Clark. Besides that the capital Manila had an large group of Amerasians too.

Many of the mothers of the Philipino amerasians worked for the Americans, eather in the bases or just outside. For those in the bases, the main occupations were like secretaries,maids,clerks,security and other positions,with a lower educational level. Outside the bases,it was mainly those companies dependent on the military,like food service, restaurants, bars and other entertainment industri. 

Whole areas were build around the bases, just to catering the US military, and slang like " The jungle" became known for the area only for black American service men,used to hang around in Olongapo. US military and civilian companies bankrolled generation after generation of Philipino women, whom might not have any other means in support them self and their family. Those with low or no educations, had zero chance in making an decent life in philipines. It also made some of the mothers able to move abroad, if they had the luck to get in married with the serviceman they met.

1992. The cold war had comes to an end !!! And with that,the needs for an US military in the Philipines. The bases closed down, and where turned over to civilian means. The end of long standing relationsship between USA and Philipines had come to an end.

For an community of women, the lack of US Gi's and their money, suddenly turned their life in to an nigthmare. With no jobs and little future,they were forced to survive on what ever means they could,in some areas with little jobs to get. 

For the amerasians,the end of the cold war, meant that they didn't have an mother with an stable income and support. Many of the mothers, left their amerasian kids in streets,with relatives or strangers. They simply gave up, or felt ashame having an child without an father,in an catholic country,were the family means alot. Amerasians turned to an open outcast. Living in the streets, nearby the old bases or in Manila, with their white skin or Afro hair, reminding the people of the past and who they are. 

Educational,place to live and family love,words that didn't include the amersians. Poverty, the botton of the life thats what the amerasians felt about them self. The fatherland hardly cared about them. Few groups like " Pearl Buck Foundation" assist amerasians to get educations,shelters and for them to get adopted to families abroad,but besides that they were left to defend for them self. Philipine goverment shows no interest in them, they belong to an past noone wanted to remember or been an part of. 

Today amerasians, try to fight for an better life for them self and their own family. Some were able to move to USA,others to Saudia Arabia as cheap labour. But for most they were condemmed to live in Philipines for the rest of their life, as outcast. Amerasians like every other people on this earth just wanted to be accepted as the humanbeings they are. 

Be part of the Philipino people,share the same rights ,duties and equality. Their fathers are as importent for them as the rest of the people in Philipines,and they want to find them too, and they want to be proud of having an American father,not ashamed and humble.

Father Founded Philipines

Philipino Amerasians had a lot in common with their more known cousins in Vietnam. Most are born in the same time and their fathers for many served in both countries. So for Father Founded, then a lot of the search technics are the same as in Vietnam,and the connections used the same too. 

Amerasians in Philipines had the same needs for finding their fathers, and they need the same help as the Amerasians in Vietnam.

So Father Founded decided to assist amerasians in Philipines in finding the fathers. we had create an page, where the Philipino amerasians can submit their informations about them self,their mothers and their fathers.

Besides that all the cases will be on posted on an page where everone can view them. Our hope that by time,our work with the amerasians in Philipines would pay off in local contacts and connections, and in the end an permanent office in Philipines. 

We don't expect much and we enter this new part of the world, with respect and humble maner. Father Founded had no wish to have anykind of power at all,neather do we care in politics,religion or color of skin. 

Our main goal are reuniting amerasians with their fathers,so they can enjoy the rest of their life together.

Should you have an interest in assisting Father Founded Philipines,then feel free to contact us. Only sincerely contact will be answered.

Remark, no rasist or demeaning mails,will be accepted, Father Founded stands for tolerance regards if you're Amerasian,Philipino or Americans.